Nylon yarns (TINTED or UNTREATED)

We produce NYLON yarns in PA 6 and PA66. Such yarns can be raw or coloured, twisted or entwined. In recent years Nylon has been very successful, and is used in many sectors.

Interlaced yarns (TINTED or UNTREATED)

We produce NYLON yarns in PA 6 and PA66 interlaced in multiple types. Interlaced yarn means the thread is passed in an air jet. The yarn is interwoven in this way. This feature is very useful in some knitting sectors, but also for some types of high speed socks machines. All the types can be dyed to colout sample required by the customer


Melange Nylon Yarns

Thanks to our laboratory, we can develop various types of melange nylon yarns, both in titrations and in color variants. We fully satisfy the needs of fashion stylists.

Innovative yarns

Always attentive to new requests, we develop new items based on past customer problems. For example, the NEW ARTICLE FLEXY, designed to obtain the maximum production and quality in hosiery. All the titrations can be dyed to color samples required by the customer.



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